Sunny Queensland

A brief but lovely stay in Coolangatta Queensland in July. I gave myself a treat and booked an apartment all to myself for 2 nights. When I walked into apartment 71 on the 14th floor I couldn’t believe what I had booked. Now you have to know that in the main I travel on the cheap staying hostels, 3-star places or with friends and relatives. On rare occasions if there is a good deal I’ll go for the upmarket place – well this was a great deal and a little gift to myself. The apartment was massive! Who needs a gym when there are apartments so big that I got lost finding the bathroom! An the best bit?

THE BEACH! right there outside the lounge room window and the bedroom window.

Coolangatta is my favourite, it’s not just one beach, but might as well be. I’m not keen on the rush and noise of Surfers Paradise and gladly leave that to the younger crowd, give me the openness, surf and clear waters of the beaches at Coolangatta and the lovely village feel of the town. Everything is in walking distance, heaps of cafes, restaurants, clubs and pubs for food and drink at all hours. The biggest antique shop I have ever seen, full of all sorts of bric-a-brac and a great ice-creamery. Lovely walks along the beaches of Kirra, Coolangatta, Rainbow Bay and a few others is just a delight, the water a clarity I haven’t seen since my working holiday on Lord Howe Island, that particular beautiful aqua of the Australian waters.

I was told there were both dolphins and whales there the day I was on my beach walk, I wasn’t lucky enough to see them that day, maybe on the next trip up.


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